Mumkin is a free, Artificial Intelligence-driven app enabling difficult conversations.

Our simulated in-app conversations help users shed inhibitions and gain confidence to have real-life conversations on gender, culture and society.

About the app

Mumkin will help you have conversations on issues like Domestic Violence, Female Genital Cutting, consent in relationships and good touch-bad touch.

Currently, Mumkin enables mock-conversations between Users and fictional Female Genital Cutting supporters, i.e, AI-led chatbots playing the role of a Mother, Husband, or Mother-in-law.

Our Research

Mumkin takes a step forward in creating a digital safe space for YOU. We aim to do this by ethically developing the app backed by thorough research.

In the cross currents of movements for and against Female Genital Cutting in India, we are currently conducting a quantitative study in the community to understand the ways in which community members talk about the practice, the challenges in communication and perceptions about movements for and against FGC.

We hope to establish a connection between communication challenges and the need for safe digital spaces to talk about topics like FGC.



Conversation partner for a difficult situation. Our pilot launches with conversations on Female Genital Cutting. As we grow, we will be there for you to discuss Domestic Violence, consent in relationships and good touch-bad touch.


Friend. Some conversations can be emotional, challenging and even triggering. Mumkin will help you shed inhibitions and build your confidence, to motivate you to have real-life conversations.


Mentor. Real life isn’t easy, but Mumkin is there for you. Listen to expert stories and narratives to gain perspective. And remember, small steps everyday can create actual change.