What does ‘Mumkin’ mean?
Mumkin means ‘possible’ in Urdu and Hindi. 

What is ‘Mumkin’? 
Mumkin is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven app co-created by Priya Goswami and Aarefa Johari. We currently use conversational AI to enable mock conversations on issues of Gender-Based Violence between the User and fictional characters. Our idea is to help Users shed inhibitions and gain confidence to enable them to have a conversation in real-life. 

Mumkin [THEY/THEM] is also the name of our androgynous mascot, a friendly octopus!  

How did you guys start? 
We are not guys. We are two women - Priya Goswami and Aarefa Johari - who have created advocacy on Gender-Based Violence since 2011. We are also co-founders of an international organisation, Sahiyo, which works to end the practice of Female Genital Cutting through dialogue, education and community engagement.
In our experience of work on Gender-Based Violence, we have come to realise that there is a deep-rooted culture of silence where people find it difficult to open up on the subject. Our app, designed with a friendly tone and a signature mascot, is a step in the direction of helping people, particularly women, who can practice opening up on Female Genital Cutting in our pilot version.

Also, a special shout out to Shirin Johari who suggested creating mock conversations using AI, which sowed the early seeds of the app! 

What kind of difficult conversations do you make possible? 

Currently, the pilot version of the app has modules on Female Genital Cutting and our hope is to expand it to Domestic Violence, good touch-bad touch and conversations on consent in relationships.

An AI-driven app on Female Genital Cutting: I've never heard of something like this before!
As storytellers we know creating dialogue has a deep-rooted impact. Our app aims to enable real-life conversations by helping the User as a friend, guide and a conversation partner. Through our simulated in-app conversations, the User will be able to shed inhibitions and gain confidence on the subject of their choice, starting with Female Genital Cutting in our pilot version!

What kind of difficult conversations do you make possible?
Currently, the pilot version of the app has modules on Female Genital Cutting and our hope is to expand it to Domestic Violence, good touch-bad touch and conversations on consent in relationships.

What is Female Genital Cutting? 
Female Genital Cutting (FGC) refers to cutting or altering parts of the female genitals for non-medical, cultural reasons. It is often performed on minor girls. 
It is a form of Gender-Based Violence prevalent in several communities worldwide, and is often rooted in notions of “spiritual purity” and patriarchal ideas of controlling the female sexual experience.  

FGC can negatively impact a girl/woman’s physical, mental and sexual health in various ways. It is considered a Human Rights violation by the United Nations and the World Health Organisation . However, communities that practice FGC strongly believe that it is done for a good reason. Initiating a conversation with community members about such long-held beliefs is therefore very challenging.

Is there a law against Female Genital Cutting? 
FGC is illegal in over 40 countries. India is NOT one of them so far. However, evidence from several countries shows that laws alone are not enough to eliminate a deeply-rooted social norm like FGC. When change is imposed from the outside, there is a risk of the practice going underground, which would make it even more dangerous for girls and women. 

To eliminate FGC, the change must come from within communities. Ground-up change is only possible when community members break the silence and stigma around FGC and question it. Our app aims to facilitate this.

What are the challenges of talking about something so private? 
There is a massive culture of silence and stigma around FGC because it involves talking about something as private as women’s genitals. Many people fear backlash from the family and community if they raise questions or express dissent. Spaces for public opinion are further shrinking as social media is increasingly used as a tool for surveillance. This has led to extreme polarisation of ideas within the community, where most people who want to question the practice have little room to express themselves. 

Those who do speak out about FGC often find that they lack adequate information about the many nuanced aspects of the practice. They also lack the communication skills and confidence needed to bring up the topic among family and friends.

Our app hopes to create a safe space, available within the privacy of one’s smartphone, to enable conversations on subjects as sensitive as FGC.

Where can I learn more about Female Genital Cutting?
We recommend going to Sahiyo’s FAQ page for detailed insights on the subject of FGC.

Where can I find the app?
We are live on Google Play store. Mumkin is a free app, so you can find it in your Playstore at your own convenience from anywhere in the world.

What about Apple phone users? 
We are now available as a Progressive Web Application for our iOS Users.

What is a Progressive Web Application? Does that mean it is not an app? 
Progressive Web Application (PWA) is not an app but it opens like a normal weblink on any browser. To open it like an app on the phone, follow these steps:
- Click on the Mumkin.app (Launching in November 2020)
- Click on the share button at the bottom of the screen
- Then scroll down and click on the “add to home screen” button

- This will create an app icon in your iphone.
- Access the app through the app icon.

We're a friendly bunch!

For pitches, volunteering,  interning with us, reach out to us at with a subject line [Volunteer: Mumkin] / [Intern: Mumkin]/ [Pitch:Mumkin] priya@mumkinapp.com 

For media enquiries
write to us at [Media: Mumkin] info@mumkinapp.com

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